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Worst Things about iPad you should know


ipad-repair-singapore-681x454In this competitive era, the use of mobile, tablet or iPad become a trend. It would not be wrong to say that these advanced gadgets are playing an essential role when it comes to communication. However, the iPad isn’t performing well. Every year, there are some features that make the iPad a compulsion, but at the same time; people are complaining about it as well.
Challenging to Upgrade:
This is true that tablets do problem, but when it comes to iPad the results are worse. We are living in an advanced world where upgrading becomes a standard. In short, upgrading means extending the lifetime of your PC, mobile or iPad. However, the idea of upgrading in iPad becomes a troublesome task due to lack of USB ports. On the other hand, the majority of Android tablets can increase their storage space by using a thumb drive plugged into a USB Port. In iPad, the only options you can have for storage is Dropbox and Wi-Fi external hard drives.
No Access to the File System
No doubt, Cloud storage is a nice feature, but iPad still does not have it. iPad apps device their files into personal files that are usually used by the app alone and document files that can be amended and transferred. There are certain reasons why Apply keeps this document folder locked to protect it from viruses, but it would be great to have an option to access those files.
Worst Photo Management
Well, it was Apple’s first try to manage pictures through the cloud was called Photo Stream. iCloud photo library gets replaced by photo stream, but sadly; it isn’t much improved. On the other hand, iCloud photo library does great job of syncing your images to the cloud, it is troublesome to download those pictures on a windows PC. These are some of the major issues, customers are facing, but still for further assistance, come to Repair Singapore.
No HDMI Out:
There are a number of ways to connect your iPad to your television, comprising purchasing an adapter that headlong connector into an HDMI port. However, the question is why we need to purchase an adapter? It would be nice to have an HDMI port built into the iPad to connect it automatically and at ease. iPad is considered as one of the favorite gadgets of modern kids, but issues need to be resolved. Well,  iPad Repair Singapore helps you to get solutions to your queries.


iRepair Singapore


iRepair is the only mobile repair center in Singapore which has received CaseTrust Accreditation. Get your iPhone repaired by their specialists in the shortest time possible. Their specialists are amongst the most experienced iPhone repair engineers in the mobile industry. Do you have a smartphone, a tablet or an iPad with a broken screen?  Come and they will repair it and your device will begin to function normally.

They offer a free diagnosis to their customers. All their repair services are offered in a face-to-face manner. Their customers trust us, and this has made us receive Case Trust Accreditation.

Why they are the best option in Singapore

At iRepair, they deal with all models and brands, so they are ready to repair your device for you. They are the largest mobile repair lab based in Singapore.  Their services are the best, and that is why their customers love us. Their team consists of certified engineers and technicians who are well experienced and highly skilled. The center offers incomparable luxurious facilities to their visitors including movie room, waiting area, edibles and WiFi.

iRepair deals with the following brands

  1. iPhone
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. HTC
  5. Blackberry
  6. Nokia
  7. Motorola
  8. Sony
  9. Dell

In case of any kind of issue related to a smartphone or iPad, iRepair is a reliable and trustworthy repair service center in Singapore ready to solve the issue for you.     

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Authorized iPhone Repair Singapore

iPhone-case-repair singapore

Getting your iPhone repaired can be done in two places. You can use the service of an authorized third-party or go to the Apple Service Center. However, before you send your phone for repair, you need to understand some of the warranty considerations that are made before it’s fixed. For example, if you were to send your phone to an authorized third-party, it will void the warranty that you already have. In addition to this, you will notice that phones without warranty will be handled differently compared to phones with a warranty from the Apple Service Center. A new warranty guide that leaked online has been breaking down how Apple determines iPhones that fit the criteria of repair under warranty.

The guide has a few conditions that must be met for in-warranty repairs to be granted and of course, those that qualify for out-of-warranty repairs. The warranty guide has also brought out conditions that would categorize a phone as ineligible due to unauthorized modifications or other forms of damage. Apple will cover a number of damages under its warranty service. This includes debris under the display, any anomalies with the screen pixels, misalignment of the FaceTime camera and also small hairline cracks on the screen.  According to the warranty guide, devices that will have any of these issues will be covered regardless of how they were damaged in the first place.

The out of warranty service will also address several issues. According to the new guide, devices with LCD fractures, multiple big cracks on the display, puncture holes and extreme abrasions on the screen, laser contact damage on the camera, and spoilt connectors will be covered under the out of warranty option. But there will also be devices which will not be eligible for either of the options above.

Authorized iPhone/Apple Repair in Singapore

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